N Suite

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NFT management SaaS
for business
that allows multiple people
to manage private key

for Entertainment DX

N Suite is a set of business tools that includes products for smooth and effective NFT content business such as NFT issue, content operation and management.

Three products

N BoardManagement・Board

Dashboard for centralized
management of NFT content

Anyone can easily submit data and issue NFT contents. NFT issued by the company can be centrally managed and post-sales care can be provided.

N Board

N WalletKeyless・wallet

Authentication wallet that
don't store private key

Wallet used for authentication such as NFT issuance operations. By linking to cloud-managed private key, private key can be shared and managed by multiple people.

N Wallet

N Cloud KeyCloud・Key・System

System to securely store
private key in the cloud.

The private key, which usually needs to be managed by the individual, is securely stored in the cloud.N Wallet signs the authenticated operation (transaction).

N Cloud Key

Solving NFT operational issues

Prevention of private key loss and leakage

Prevention of private key loss and leakage

Conventional wallets require the private key to be stored on a personal computer. As a result, there is a risk of loss or leakage of private keys. By storing the private key in a secure cloud environment, the risk of loss or leakage is prevented.

Prevention of NFT issuance mistake

Prevention of NFT issuance mistake

When selling a large number of NFTs at a time, a large amount of NFT content data needs to be entered into the system, which lead to operational errors. The efficient data entry and checking functions prevent operational errors.

Care after NFT sale

Care after NFT sale

The sale of NFTs is not the end of the process. It is important to provide added value to the owner after the sale. It is possible to operate NFTs while keeping track of the sales and ownership status of NFTs issued by the company.
(* The analysis function will be added.)

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