N Suite

Private Key Management for Blockchain & Gaming Projects

N Suite is a Private Key Management and Governance SaaS. We enable Web3 businesses to scale through tailoring Private Key storage and permissions to your team's operational needs


N BoardWorkflow Dashboards

Workflow dashboards for managing Private Key usage

Operations such as withdrawing tokens, minting NFTs, and deploying smart contracts, all require signing with a Private Key (wallet). By introducing workflow dashboards to this process, the aministrator is able to introduce monitoring and governance.

N Board

N WalletKeyless Wallet

A Wallet used only for authentication, not storing Private Keys.

A browser extension wallet used for authenticating Private Key signature. By integrating with third-party Key Management Services, users are able to have shared access to the same Private Keys. Only transactions approved in N Board can be executed.

N Wallet

N Cloud KeyCloud Key System

Securely storing Private Keys on-cloud

Private Keys managed by individual users pose a serious security risk. Leveraging our N Cloud Key system, the Private Keys are instead stored on-cloud, and are used for signing when N Wallet authenticates the transaction.

N Cloud Key

Positive Business Outcomes of using N Suite

Shared Private Key Management enables Delegation

Shared Private Key Management enables Delegation

Since Private Keys can be shared and used by multiple team members, tasks such as withdrawing assets and minting NFTs can be performed by the respective staff, without having a single person in authority manage all the transactions.

Internal Control with Private Key Usage

Internal Control with Private Key Usage

Private Keys managed in N Suite can only be used when approved using the dashboard functions. The administrator is able to have full visibility on Private Key Usage, avoiding any unauthorized activity, thus ensuring internal control.

Wide Range of Use Cases Covered

Wide Range of Use Cases Covered

N Suite can support a vast variety of operatios that require signing with Private Keys. This includes NFT minting, sending tokens, deploying smart contracts, executing contract methods, and more.


Listed companies, startups, VCs, and more.

* Other privately held large listed companies and others are also using this service.

If you have any questions about implementing N Suite, please feel free to contact us.

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